The Industrie PT has been helping our clients to achive their goals for seven years. Below are a few of our testimonials kindly provided by our happy clients.

"Todd helped me get ready for Miss Universe! He taught incredible core work for posture and tine and a whole range of amazing exercises to do while I was away competing. He is incredible, motivated and has the ability to push you to your limits while still keeping the workout interesting and fun."

Laura Dundovic Miss Universe Australia 2008

"Todd Brodie has been our daughters strength and conditioning coach for a period of 3 years on a twice weekly basis.

Siobhan is a 13 year old competitive swimmer. She has been swimming for 6 years and has competed at a national level.

Over the course of the 3 years, Todd has not only assisted Siobhan in building her core strength and conditioning, but he also guides her on her mental strength.

We have seen a significant improvement in her self belief and self trust that she is prepared and trained for the race. He is cautious of her young growing body, and only sets tasks for her that are suitable to her physical development. His kind, gentle, and caring nature is not only displayed in the training room, but on race days and key events in her life. He is genuinely interested in the "whole" Siobhan, not just a client. She awaits his text messages of best wishes and helpful tips.

Todd has become a daily household name. Siobhan ensures that our family tries new exercises that he has set for her, and meal choices are critiqued with a "Todd eye".

Todd has taken the time over the past 3 years to learn about the sport of swimming. He has attended events, recognized areas that he can assist her, and researched exercises specifically for her and her areas of improvement. He is conscious of her posture and is always working towards the right muscles "firing" at the right time. Todd has also taken on the role of educator. He explains why she does a specific exercise and how it will help her. Her knowledge of "dry land training" is so strong that in a recent school assessment task she developed a concise personal training program that her teacher was extremely impressed with.

We look forward to Todd being a part of our daughters life for many years to come, and would highly recommend Todd to anyone that is seeking personalized touch to their personal training and overall well being."

Sean and Jo O'Malley
"Todd has been a personal football coach to my 13 year old son, for a year, coaching him once or twice per week.

In this time we have developed deep respect for Todd, not just for his depth of knowledge, which he freely shares, but as always being cheerful, engaging, committed and bringing his best endeavours to every training session.

Todd did not just provide training session drills. He brought to the session his passion for success in his student. Needless to say he expected total commitment in return.

Toddís high level of experience, combined with his ability to manifest that experience into progressively teaching the more technical aspects of football were excellent. Week after week new skills were discussed and implemented. Toddís knowledge of fitness, stretching, agility work and focus on speed was from our point of view; boundless. Step by step increasing the difficulty to take into account progression as it occurred."

Maurice Zanon

"Todd is an amazing personal trainer, he is a great motivator and helps me achieve my goals. The programs we go through are always varied and are actually fun!!!"

Krystiana Donkin

"Best personal trainer in Sydney"

My most favoured memories of Todd would be arriving up to the park when it was bucketing with rain at 6 in the morning to find him already set-up ready to train. The training was always enjoyable and challenging and I always hit my goals, simply because of Todd's commitment to training. He always trained me to be my best and got me where I wanted to be.

Todd always taught me that, to be successful, you needed to train harder, longer and better then anyone else. I was able to take what I learnt from my sessions with Todd and applied it to my school life; meaning I studied harder, longer and better then anyone I knew. I'm now doing the Physiotherapist course I wanted to do since I was twelve, simply because of what Todd taught me.

Hardest working, most committed personal trainer I've met. A great guy, and always willing to help you and get you where you want to be.

Nicholas Cholerton

Training with Todd was one of the best decisions I have made for my health and wellbeing!

I have never been able to maintain a regular exercising routine. I was too lazy and felt I didnít need it because I didnít need to lose weight and felt like the exercises I did were not making a difference to how I looked. However, one day, on a whim I decided to give personal training ago in an attempt to become more fit and increase my energy. I am so glad that I ended up with Todd as my trainer. I have been training with him for a few months, and it has been one of the most enjoyable, educational and overall beneficial experiences.

Todd helped me become more motivated to exercise. I no longer felt like it was something I should do and depending on the results to motivate me to keep going, the exercising itself was enjoyable. I started exercising for the sake of exercising, He reinforces every tiny improvement and every time you push yourself, which, in turn, makes me want to try harder and be better by putting in the extra work outside training sessions. I always looked forward to my weekly training sessions with Todd. He jokes with you, but keeps you focused; he pushes you but doesnít torture you; and tailors everything he does to suit your needs.

He taught me about how my body works, showed me how specific exercises can get the results I wanted, which made me realise why I was not seeing results before. I then actually started seeing results. I am now fitter, more toned, stronger, and have a lot more energy. Before training with Todd I was very lethargic and wanted to sleep all the time, but now Iím a lot more focused and a lot less lazy. Overall I look and feel better all thanks to Todd.

If you are having trouble being motivated to exercise and want someone to support you in improving yourself and your health, I definitely recommend hire Todd. You will not regret it. Hire him as your personal trainer and you will get a friendship free.

Mona Elsharkawy