Strength & Conditioning

Strength and conditioning covers a broad range of areas and topics generally within the structural surrounds of athlete development.

A S&C coach has many responsibilities, but overall improving their athletes performance is paramount. Whether this is done through improving strength, speed, flexibility, pre-hab training or rehabilitation, the job of a S & C coach is to look after all of these areas.

We have a duty of care especially when it comes to young athletes. The development of a young athlete is incredibly important to their ultimate success. This area is called Long Term Athlete Development or LTAD.

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Is a method of improving muscular strength by gradually increasing the ability to resist force through the use of free weights, machines, or the person's own body weight. Strength training sessions are designed to impose increasingly greater resistance, which in turn stimulates development of muscle strength to meet the added demand. Mosby's Medical Dictionary, 8th edition. © 2009, Elsevier Patient discussion about Strength conditioning.

Is strength training safe for children? Hi friends, this is my 4th question in this community. Here is my next one: I've always heard that resistance training will ''stunt a child's growth.'' Now, I hear it may be advisable for children to strength train. Is strength training safe for children?

A. Hello Tom Greg, Based on the available scientific information, strength training won't inhibit a child's growth under normal circumstances. Strength training can, however, cause injury when heavy weights are used or improper exercise technique is employed. When carefully supervised and correctly performed, strength can actually lower a child's risk of sustaining a sports-related injury, since higher levels of muscular fitness serve to protect the musculoskeletal system. Strength training can, and should, provide a safe and productive exercise for children who show an interest in the activity. Perhaps the two most critical factors that make strength training a safe, effective, and enjoyable activity for children are quality supervision and adherence to the concept of minimum effective dosage (i.e., the training program should be designed using only the minimum level of resistance needed to produce a training effect).

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"Todd Brodie has been our daughters strength and conditioning coach for a period of 3 years on a twice weekly basis.

Siobhan is a 13 year old competitive swimmer. She has been swimming for 6 years and has competed at a national level.

Over the course of the 3 years, Todd has not only assisted Siobhan in building her core strength and conditioning, but he also guides her on her mental strength.

We have seen a significant improvement in her self belief and self trust that she is prepared and trained for the race. He is cautious of her young growing body, and only sets tasks for her that are suitable to her physical development. His kind, gentle, and caring nature is not only displayed in the training room, but on race days and key events in her life. He is genuinely interested in the "whole" Siobhan, not just a client. She awaits his text messages of best wishes and helpful tips.

Todd has become a daily household name. Siobhan ensures that our family tries new exercises that he has set for her, and meal choices are critiqued with a "Todd eye".

Todd has taken the time over the past 3 years to learn about the sport of swimming. He has attended events, recognized areas that he can assist her, and researched exercises specifically for her and her areas of improvement. He is conscious of her posture and is always working towards the right muscles "firing" at the right time. Todd has also taken on the role of educator. He explains why she does a specific exercise and how it will help her. Her knowledge of "dry land training" is so strong that in a recent school assessment task she developed a concise personal training program that her teacher was extremely impressed with.

We look forward to Todd being a part of our daughters life for many years to come, and would highly recommend Todd to anyone that is seeking personalized touch to their personal training and overall well being."

Sean and Jo O'Malley