Personal Training

One on One

Personal training is a fast growing industry. There are many reasons why people are turning to ‘One on One’ training as a way to improve their health status.

Areas such as weight loss, weight gain, rehabilitation, stress management, sports specific training and to improve overall wellbeing are proving to be main sources for motivation.

One on one session’s can be organised at locations convenient to you, with all equipment being provided. Local parks, houses and beaches and one of our partner hotels are all comfortable and safe locations in which these sessions take place.

The first session is complimentary and will involve you meeting one of our motivated and inspiring trainers. This meeting is to set short and long-term goals and run through an assessment so we can design a program suited specifically to you.

So take the first step and contact The Industrie PT team now to get the wheels in motion to a better, healthier life!!!

Group Classes

Training in a group is a great way to get into shape and exercise. Groups can be fun, motivational, and challenging. Five or more people are classed as a group and again these sessions can be conducted at a location convenient to you with all equipment provided. Assessments are still conducted for all group members at the beginning of the program.

Group classes that have been run in the past and proved successful are ‘Teachers groups’. At a set time and place within the school environment Teachers can train together with the advantage of locality at a reduced cost.

How nice would it be after a hard stress filled day to be able to spend a short time putting on some boxing gloves or doing a few enjoyable exercises to help you feel fit and relieve some stress. No driving, no waiting for a machine to work out on and no intimidating environment.

Sporting groups-specific training

This area of The Industrie PT involves participation of sporting groups of any age and ability. Each program will be individually designed depending on the specific goals of the team. Pre and post season training are examples of two types of programs with the specific skills of each sport taken into account to make the programs relative to the sporting group.

Sessions are conducted at the desired sporting club, all equipment provided and session times vary from 30 mins to 1 hour. Cost effective, great for team bonding and a fantastic way to get your team on the right track!

Purely Programs (individual, sporting teams or groups)

Programs are designed specifically for individual situations. Whether that be for a single person, a sporting team or a group class, each program will take into account certain criteria attained from those participating in the program.

A properly designed program is crucial to the success of ones goals.

Eg Cardiovascular or Aerobic Training- the correct heart rate levels, time frame, high-low intensities, peak time, recovery time must all be worked out and followed to ensure results can be achieved. This highlights the importance of correct programming for each client or situation.

Strength training, cardiovascular training, sport specific, weight loss, weight gain, rehabilitation and speed and agility are all types of programs that we can provide.

A first up complimentary assessment is carried out at the commencement of the program where the details of ones’ certain criteria, ie goals, can be worked out.